Medha Jananam presents a framework of concepts, 
called Framework of Aum, abbreviated to Foaum.

Foaum gives an elevated vantage point 
to see the beauty and understand the complexity 
of life and universe.
It provides a lens to see 
the unity as well as the diversity of life and universe.


All of us are same. All of us are different.

The more we know the sameness among us, 
the more we develop empathy for each other.	
The more we understand the differences among us, 
the more we learn how complementary we are, to each other.

Understanding the sameness is the key for 
loving and accepting each other and getting over the fear of each other.
Understanding the differences is the key for 
collaborating with each other and getting over the apprehension about each other.
The all here could be all people, all living beings 
or everything that exists in the universe.


Medha Jananam is a retreat style week long workshop
conducted in June in USA and in December in India, every year.

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