This page shows testimonials from MedhaJananam workshops and also other workshops based on the concepts of Foaum, such as the Colors of Humanity.

Sunita Patil
January 15, 2018
Sir, you are the best teacher and motivator in my life. You helped me with this workshop in counseling and legal field.

In the beginning of the workshop, you taught us the importance of Tapah Swadhyaya and Om Sahanaavavatu which were universal messages. The best message you gave was of Harvesting Educational Innovation.

I agree with your thoughts on putting ideas and giving these ideas opportunity. What you said is true that children are developed by 2 ways by teacher and parents.

The various methods of learning like Marjalnyay, Markatnyay, Sinhavalokanam, Gomutranyay are very innovative methods. The techniques like Eksandhyagrahi, Dwisandhyagrahi, and Trisandhyagrahi these all terms were new for us but because of you, we came to know about it. I am very thankful to you to give us knowledge about it.

The broad statement "Social learning is easier than instruction learning" is very applicable in today's world. You made the concept of nurture very easy to understand. It is a collaboration between parents and children or between teachers and children.

Because of you, I understood that we should know the child and you should know yourself. As you said, "learning is through experiences", which is absolutely right. We are learned from what we are exposed too.

The modes of Native and Simulated taught that we should be happy to do any work. ‘Everyone is unique’ is well said by you.

The various colors and how they are used to know about the people known as Panchkoshas are very excellent. The blue color known as Annamaya kosha which is a physical layer, Red color known as Pranamaya kosha which is a Energy layer, Yellow color known as Manomaya kosha which is a process layer, Green color known as Vigyanamaya which is awareness layer and finally the white color known as Anandmaya kosha which is layer of bliss.

The best thing I like in the workshop was about the color recognition of myself. The red color qualities like revenge, profession(Lawyer) and reading concept(criminal and political news).The example of Tirupati trip was very nice and applicable to me as per red color. The color code which you gave was the reality of life.

The concept of vocabulary, words, and colors, and its manifestations in the reading newspaper, arranging things on walls, movies, keeping of books, arranging stuff in refrigerator, methods of playing a sport, choice of a car, nostalgia and the Kosha quiz were also interesting and helped to know about the people.

Really, sir, you helped me a lot to know and understand my children, husband and my family better. You are doing really a great job. Your words are so worthy of me. This workshop is a lifetime experience and taught me many things. Your dedication to the field of education is very important and necessary in human life which will give bright upcoming generations. I really appreciate your words which help me to improve myself and my parenting skills. This was my first experience to attend a workshop which was very interesting, inspiring, motivating, learning as well.

I thank MITVGS Project Director Prasad Sir and management to let me involve in this workshop and become a part of it. In my lifetime, I will never forget this workshop which was really wonderful special thanks to you, sir, to give us this knowledge. Further, I would be interested to attend your workshop and I would consult with you for more suggestions.

Thanks a lot sir
Medha Jananam - Ignite the Intellect
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Medha Jananam!
    Medja Jananam is a Sanskrit phrase,
    which can be translated to 'Igniting the Intellect'.

    In our workshops, we explore
    the simple as well as the complex aspects of life.
  • Life

    The Journey
    of an imperfect being
    in an imperfect world.
  • Excellence

    अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति प्रयोगः तत्र दुर्लभः

    Everyone excels at some thing.
    It is the opportunities
    that are difficult to come by.
  • Part and Whole

    Human is to humanity
    what a cell is to the body.
  • Time

    We have to kill time
    till time kills us.
  • Live

    Live AS yourself,
    but not FOR yourself.
  • Life

    When you were born:
    the universe is divided into two:
    Inside and Outside.

    Life is an interaction between the two.
  • Bliss

    Unless you go beyond the founder, you don’t understand religion.
    Unless you go beyond religion, you don’t understand god.
    Unless you go beyond god, you don’t understand spirituality.
    Unless you go beyond spirituality, you don’t understand yourself.
    Unless you understand yourself, you don’t find the Truth.
    Unless you find the Truth, you don’t feel your fullnesss.
    Unless you feel your fullness, you don't feel the bliss,
    which is really what you are after.
  • Growth

    You need a shell to grow.
    You need to break out of the shall to grow.
    You need a womb to grow.
    You need to come out of the womb to grow.
    You need a home to grow.
    You need to get out of the home to grow.
    You need a religion to grow.
    You need to go beyond the religion to grow.
    You need a philosophy to grow.
    You need to come out of the philosophy to grow.


Medha Jananam workshops and retreats are based on the model of Foaum, which covers broad spectrum of issues about being a human, about life and about universe.

To learn more about Foaum, please visit www.foaum.org.

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