This page shows testimonials from MedhaJananam workshops and also other workshops based on the concepts of Foaum, such as the Colors of Humanity.

Nandita Akunuri
August 20, 2010
I heard about Medhajananam from my friend Naresh, who attended the fourth workshop of Medhajananam and decided to give it a try. I attended the intro session with many doubts in my mind regarding my capability to understand and enjoy the concepts in Medhajananam like Naresh did. But after attending the intro session, it became clear to me that Krishna garu is a wonderful teacher and has developed a course which would be applicable and highly valuable to all of us in our daily life.

The image of the juicer that he showed up in the intro session is truly in sync with what we learn in the class. He has read all the books, put in all the effort to make a well tailored course and is making it available to all of us to benefit from it and make ourselves better individuals. During the course, each of the modules made perfect sense to me and gave me the perfect reason/explanation as to why the world works the way it works.

The first concept that propelled me into a thinking process was the Three gods module. It made me revisit my past and analyze how my belief took shape over the years. The ‘colors’ concept helped me in understanding my husband better. This concept gave me the reason as to why his thinking is so different from mine. He felt the same too, and now we seem to have better anticipation of each other’s reactions to different situations in day to day life.

The next concept that was very fascinating was the concept of ‘AUM’. The concept of AUM is so applicable to everything that surrounds us, yet I failed to observe that over the years and now, it is wonderful to realize that the whole universe resonates with AUM of different magnitudes. The concept of four petals has tied up everything that we learned in this course and gives a sense of determination to balance everything in life.

I thank Krishna garu for taking all the effort to create a course like Medhajananam and for taking the effort to share it with as many people as possible. It is very rare to find someone so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He always was patient with us, though we turned up unintentionally and consistently late. I just wish more people come forward to experience Medhajananam, which would enrich one’s life with its essence and make it an unforgettable experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed Medhajananam and hope many more people would experience the same.
Medha Jananam - Ignite the Intellect
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Medha Jananam!
    Medja Jananam is a Sanskrit phrase,
    which can be translated to 'Igniting the Intellect'.

    In our workshops, we explore
    the simple as well as the complex aspects of life.
  • Life

    The Journey
    of an imperfect being
    in an imperfect world.
  • Excellence

    अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति प्रयोगः तत्र दुर्लभः

    Everyone excels at some thing.
    It is the opportunities
    that are difficult to come by.
  • Part and Whole

    Human is to humanity
    what a cell is to the body.
  • Time

    We have to kill time
    till time kills us.
  • Live

    Live AS yourself,
    but not FOR yourself.
  • Life

    When you were born:
    the universe is divided into two:
    Inside and Outside.

    Life is an interaction between the two.
  • Bliss

    Unless you go beyond the founder, you don’t understand religion.
    Unless you go beyond religion, you don’t understand god.
    Unless you go beyond god, you don’t understand spirituality.
    Unless you go beyond spirituality, you don’t understand yourself.
    Unless you understand yourself, you don’t find the Truth.
    Unless you find the Truth, you don’t feel your fullnesss.
    Unless you feel your fullness, you don't feel the bliss,
    which is really what you are after.
  • Growth

    You need a shell to grow.
    You need to break out of the shall to grow.
    You need a womb to grow.
    You need to come out of the womb to grow.
    You need a home to grow.
    You need to get out of the home to grow.
    You need a religion to grow.
    You need to go beyond the religion to grow.
    You need a philosophy to grow.
    You need to come out of the philosophy to grow.


Medha Jananam workshops and retreats are based on the model of Foaum, which covers broad spectrum of issues about being a human, about life and about universe.

To learn more about Foaum, please visit www.foaum.org.

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