This page shows testimonials from MedhaJananam workshops and also other workshops based on the concepts of Foaum, such as the Colors of Humanity.

Narendra Singh
January 5, 2012
First and foremost when I heard about Medha Jananam, I had no idea what this was about(?) and what we were going to get out of this (?). But very first day, I was overwhelmed with the work Krishna Ji has put into it in a very painstaking and organized way. His organization of all the slides, full of irreprehensible and classic materials, was meticulous, assiduous, and conscientious.

I had heard, read, and learned some what about everything Krishna Ji spoke in six days of Medha Jananam workshop....but the way he has organized it, was great.

He, indeed, is a great TEACHER. Not only had I learned about ‘Medha Jananam’ but also I learned some characteristics of a noble teacher. He is nice, commendable, observant, heedful, guiltless, and illustrative teacher, full of enthusiasm and energy.

I still do not know where he is going with this (!), but it has been a great experience and learning curve for me about all the world religions and the nature. Most fascinating to me was his explanation of “AUM” and relationship of man with woman in a natural way.

Universe is vast (unimaginable). Adjective word ‘vast’ is not justifiable about universe. But…………Krishna Ji’s explanations has fired some more neurons in my brain to think more and feel the vastness and godliness of universe . AND……….for this……. I thank him and also for all he has given in six days. I would like to remain in touch, though, and learn more.

Thank you Krishna Ji from the bottom of my heart.
Medha Jananam - Ignite the Intellect
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Medha Jananam!
    Medja Jananam is a Sanskrit phrase,
    which can be translated to 'Igniting the Intellect'.

    In our workshops, we explore
    the simple as well as the complex aspects of life.
  • Life

    The Journey
    of an imperfect being
    in an imperfect world.
  • Excellence

    अयोग्यः पुरुषो नास्ति प्रयोगः तत्र दुर्लभः

    Everyone excels at some thing.
    It is the opportunities
    that are difficult to come by.
  • Part and Whole

    Human is to humanity
    what a cell is to the body.
  • Time

    We have to kill time
    till time kills us.
  • Live

    Live AS yourself,
    but not FOR yourself.
  • Life

    When you were born:
    the universe is divided into two:
    Inside and Outside.

    Life is an interaction between the two.
  • Bliss

    Unless you go beyond the founder, you don’t understand religion.
    Unless you go beyond religion, you don’t understand god.
    Unless you go beyond god, you don’t understand spirituality.
    Unless you go beyond spirituality, you don’t understand yourself.
    Unless you understand yourself, you don’t find the Truth.
    Unless you find the Truth, you don’t feel your fullnesss.
    Unless you feel your fullness, you don't feel the bliss,
    which is really what you are after.
  • Growth

    You need a shell to grow.
    You need to break out of the shall to grow.
    You need a womb to grow.
    You need to come out of the womb to grow.
    You need a home to grow.
    You need to get out of the home to grow.
    You need a religion to grow.
    You need to go beyond the religion to grow.
    You need a philosophy to grow.
    You need to come out of the philosophy to grow.


Medha Jananam workshops and retreats are based on the model of Foaum, which covers broad spectrum of issues about being a human, about life and about universe.

To learn more about Foaum, please visit www.foaum.org.

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